Interface Configuration

BarcodeReader configuration object.

interface Configuration {
    engine?: EngineConfiguration;
    feedback?: FeedbackConfiguration;
    frameSource?: FrameSourceConfiguration;
    locator?: LocatorConfiguration;
    mode?: "immediate" | "touch";
    overlay?: OverlayConfiguration;
    selector: string | HTMLElement;


Engine configuration

Feedback configuration

Frame source configuration

Locator configuration

mode?: "immediate" | "touch"

Mode: can be 'immediate' (default) for always-on scanning, and 'touch', to only scan when a touch occurs.

Default Value


Overlay configuration

selector: string | HTMLElement

CSS Selector or reference to the HTML element that will host the visible elements of the BarcodeReader.


When using a selector, make sure the selector only matches a single element, e.g. by using an ID.

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